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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surprise trip!

Marcus got home from a 14 day roll on a Thurs I was in Moab coming home on Fri. He arranged a surprise trip to Manti for the weekend, I did my very first live session which was amazing. It was so fun to spend some time together and have a getaway.


Since Marcus was gone on fires I got to play with his family in Moab. We had such a fun time going on hikes, playing in the pool, shopping, and hanging out. I am so glad I have great in laws who were so nice to let me tag along on this adventure!

Summer Jobs

This summer Marcus did firefighting again. He decided he wanted to be on Dromedary again because it has to do more with what where he wants to end up. His crew boss from last year called him in before the season had started and asked him to be the saw boss. At the end of the season his crew had a dinner in Salt Lake, we went and were surprised to find that he earned the first Dromedary Firefighter of the Year award. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. This boy is one amazing guy! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Supposedly this was the biggest moon in our lifetime!

 So we jumped on our roof to take a look!
 Marcus got new binoculars they worked great!
 So high up ;)
BIG!?? :D


 Marcus got me this beautiful arrangement it came in a teacup! It is my new favorite tea set in my collection!
 Our top of our cake got a little messed up but it tasted pretty good! I loved our cake it was the cutest thing! :D

 We decided that every year on our anniversary we were going to take a picture here is our first years!!
This year has been full of some amazing adventures! I am so grateful for Marcus he has taught me so much and has helped me grow a ton! I can not believe a whole year has passed! I am so glad we have Eternity because one year is definitely not enough! We have grown so much together I can not wait to see what our little future holds, because in even this short year our plans have changed! :D


 Marcus is all official in his clothes and helmet!
 His pants are a little on the short side

 Poor guy was so tired
 His head with his helmet on touches our roof! Can't wear that around ;)
 His boots and helmet

Lone Peak Fire crew!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A little BIG news :D

Marucs got certified as a Wildland Firefighter on Monday Feb 27, he graduated as the Valedictorian in his class! This Wednesday March 7 he got a call saying he was accepted at Lone Peak Fire Crew as a Fire Technician one for a Dromedary Crew Position, basically he is a fuels and fire prevention assignment. He will start there on April 30. He still has lots of schooling to go but this is a big step into his future career! I am so proud and excited for him! I will need lots to do this summer where he could be gone for days at a time! This is a fun little achievement and I had to brag a little about my husband!