black and white

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Supposedly this was the biggest moon in our lifetime!

 So we jumped on our roof to take a look!
 Marcus got new binoculars they worked great!
 So high up ;)
BIG!?? :D


 Marcus got me this beautiful arrangement it came in a teacup! It is my new favorite tea set in my collection!
 Our top of our cake got a little messed up but it tasted pretty good! I loved our cake it was the cutest thing! :D

 We decided that every year on our anniversary we were going to take a picture here is our first years!!
This year has been full of some amazing adventures! I am so grateful for Marcus he has taught me so much and has helped me grow a ton! I can not believe a whole year has passed! I am so glad we have Eternity because one year is definitely not enough! We have grown so much together I can not wait to see what our little future holds, because in even this short year our plans have changed! :D


 Marcus is all official in his clothes and helmet!
 His pants are a little on the short side

 Poor guy was so tired
 His head with his helmet on touches our roof! Can't wear that around ;)
 His boots and helmet

Lone Peak Fire crew!