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Monday, October 17, 2011


I feel the need to explain our blog title as it has a little more significance than would probably be known without an explanation. When McKenzie was younger she picked up this phrase that she would so endearingly call you when you pulled a dumb move. Whenever you had one of those awkwardly less intelligent moments, to McKenzie, you were a "duck" or you had a "duck brain" or occasionally you were not using you "duck brain." (I know, a little inconsistent with the meaning there) Since growing up McKenzie had a tendency to live up to the many meanings of this loving phrase that she had coined. She quickly became not only the originator of the phrase but the mascot as well, as her family awarded her the title of Ducky. McKenzie embraced her appointed title and her nickname has since been the root of many a tease and a good time. Just before we were married I was informed by her brother-in-law Mike that I was officially the Mallard. At our wedding we embraced the duck theme and included a set of rubber love duckies in our decorations and have since enjoyed the subtitle to our marriage. The "love ducky" chapter began.

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